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hydroponic equipment and Nutrients

Big Grow Hydroponics

This Page is to try and answer some Common problems in each answer their are sometimes several options, you have to figure out which is right for your situation, it could be one or all of the suggetions.

P; my plants appear dry at edges, crispy, drooping,dried out

A;Is the light to close to the plant?

it could be due to low humidity, this can be caused by having a larger than needed fan that is extracting moist air quicker than it can get back in, with a too small intake fan or having no intake fan at all.

humidity needs to be between check this by having a hygrometer.

get the right size fans

get a fan speed controller on the extractor.

If you are unable to do any of the above then try watering more often using smaller doses that add up to more overall. this wont work if the soil is already moist as the plant is not drinking, it could be stunned by the dry leaves.


it could be pythium which is a root problem. Use either root,stop rot, or plant magic pyth tablets

P; plant leaves appear burned/black on edges and are curling under

A; Nutrient burn, flush with water for 3 days, then resume feeding programme using a weaker nutrient to water mix

P; leaves turning yellow

A; Nutrient deficiancy, usually nitrogen. Buy Canna mono nitrogen,and use it along side your regular feeding programme.

P; Leaves have yellow spots/blobs

A;Nutrient deficiancy, usually magnesium.Buy Canna mono magnesium,and use it along side your regular feeding programme.

P;Plants not growing ,or drinking

A; Could be a PH problem, plants have a self preserving mechanisum that triggers when they are going to do themselves harm, if the PH is wrong they wont drink the water .

get a PH meter and check the water after nutrients have been mixed. PH should be between 5 - 6.5, 5.5 being optimal.

you can raise or lower the PH by using PH up or down


the lightbulbs are no longer giving off enough lumiens, get new bulbs, if bulbs are new it could be the ballasts have worn down and are no longer producing the energy required to power the bulbs.

P; Plant appears limp and wilted, the medium is still wet.

A; The plant has been over watered leave it to dry out till soil feels just about moist, then feed with smaller doses of food and water than before, during growth 0.5litre a day is usually enough.


Again this could also be a pythium root problem, use root stop rot or plant magic pyth tabs.

P; the trip switch in the house trips when a grow lamp turns on.

A; this happens because the power surge from a ballast powering a High Powered Sodium is too much for the circuit of a normal household plug socket, you need a contactor .

P; the timer keeps blowing and either wont turn the lights on or it wont turn the light off.

A; a household timer has a work capacity of 1.5 amps , you need to get a high amp timer, like Grasslin ,Lumi heavy duty or P and G timer.

Also a contactor between the light and plug where the timer is.

p; my plants have spider mites

A; get a spider mite treatment, like nite nite spider mite , or plant vitality plus, spray generously.ensuring that you get the undersides of leaves

P; spider mites are back after a few days /1 week

A; spider mites like to lay their eggs in protected areas like under the outer rim or underneath a pot or in corners of the greenhouse,tent or room ,so check those places aswell as the plants.

p; plants dont seem to be growing small holes appearing on leaves and some small white bits on leaves.

A; light deficiancy, usually the lamps have deteriated and are no longer giving off the luminuns needed. Buy new lamps !

p; the plants have a white type of powder on them.

A; the plant has mildew, this is a common fungus that is airborne , can be aggrivated by high humidity, bring down the humidity , cut off some of the leaves that are badly effected then wipe off what you can and treat plant with either canna cure or neem repel.

p; I am not getting the results that I wanted .

A; Hydroponics is where you control all the elements . IF you try and cut corners by only getting the basic feed without the extra elements that the companies recomend then you will only get basic results . This is usually because the gardener is a cheap ass , wants something for nothing type _______er !, If you want the best results then buy the complete range.